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Our staff

Executive Team

Principal: De Parker

A/Deputy: Melinda Bransden - Prep to Year 2

A/Deputys: Tammy Dimech and Raquel Gray - Year 3 to Year 6

Head of Special Education Services: Cathy Legg

A/Head of Curriculum:  Stacey Lincoln

Business Services Manager: Merrilyn Robinson


Guidance officer: Kathy Bellamy

Master Teacher: Raquel Gray

Learning Support: Support Team

Music: Hadeed Pourshafighi, Chanel Worton (Strings), Mikael Strand (Instrumental)

PE: David Gee

LOTE French: Samantha Vasey

Teacher librarian: Trish Collins

Student Welfare Officer: Glenn Johnson


Classroom teachers

Prep (Early years)

Prep H  Rod Huggins

Prep SH  Amanda Saunders (MTW) and Pia Leonard (ThF)

Prep S  Kerry Simpson

Prep P  Angela Perkovic

Prep T  Donna Turner

​Year 1 (Early years)

1L  Anne Lange

1Mc  Rhonda McNaught

1M  Viv Middleton

1S  Dale Stanley

​Year 2 (Junior school)

2C  Celine Carroll (MTThF)  Madeline Muller (W)

2J  Jo Jones

2SH  Sacha Sharples

2SL  Sheree Sloane

2T  Deb Harvey

​Year 3 (Junior school)

3H  Sabina Hodda (MTThF) Courtney Caskey (W)

3R  Leesa Rosengren

3T  Peta Trim (MTW) Courtney Caskey (ThF)

3W  Jeni Walkerdene

​Year 4 (Middle school)

4B  Greg Brosnan

4G  Stephanie Needs

4H  Julie Humbert

4W  Richard Wyatt

​Year 5 (Middle school)

5D  Christine Dixon

5SN  Stuart Snell

5SP  Melisa Holstein

5T  Melissa Tickell

​Year 6 (Senior school)

6L  Debi Langdown

6D  John Denison

6W  Jackie Windsor